Untitled by Carolyn Frayn, 2014

Untitled by Carolyn Frayn, 2014

Life lived is at once a seemingly never-ending horizon of what can be, a translucent bowl of swirling once was.

Every moment lived, life. Every life, a vast network of connections through experience, a hope for compassion and understanding. 

To claim a singular emotion at a determined point in time as being the specific mandate of our journey would be futile. For every opportunity realized, the multilayered essence of life, non-specific to one thought, non-linear to expression, seems impossible to contain. 

Life is at once beautiful, intense, joyful, tragic, gutting. Life is poignant, pathetic, depressing, inspiring, revered. Life is heart-rending and heartfelt… infinite vessels of our humanity contain each desire to embrace, to reach further, to hold on, to soar. 

As life unfurls, our definitive central node remains elusive. Contemplation is the everlasting transformation of light dancing behind eyelids reverie. Petals of forever gently falling away to new possibilities.

Life is the motion, the forward-thinking continually evolving hope and dream. Life is not where you once lived, for that is memory. Life is not where you end up, for that is death, and in death, life ceases to be.

Carolyn Frayn
April 2014

Untitled by Carolyn Frayn, 2014

Untitled by Carolyn Frayn, 2014


it’s all in the living…

On March 24th I was honoured to be a featured artist in Nutmeg Chatter’s Art Discovery section. The article includes a little Q&A, some select pieces from a few series in my portfolio, and one of my – as yet unpublished – writings. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks, and I’m sure the internet is tired of my face, but I’m thrilled to be out in the world as I recline in my lazy boy.

Paris in a box 02, by Carolyn Frayn

Paris in a box 02, by Carolyn Frayn

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Mazie Baby for the win!

I’m going to ask a favour. My Systir’s novel, Mazie Baby, is nominated for Big Al’s Books and Pals 2015 Readers Choice Award.

Julie wrote about it in her post, Cap ready. Feather pending. It’s Readers’ Choice time!

If you have a minute, please vote for Mazie Baby in the Women’s Fiction category. Scroll way down the page until you find the Rafflecopter log-in, that’s where you can enter your vote.

Mazie Baby is my favourite novel for many reasons. One, it’s brilliant. Two, I adore my Systir and I’m so very proud of her. Three, I created the cover. Four, my niece (Julie’s daughter) is the model for Mazie, and my youngest son helped with the photo shoot – you just can’t see his hands holding up the scarf! Five, it’s our first professional artistic collaboration. As well as other personal reasons.

You can even win a $75.00 Amazon gift card!

Mazie Baby, novel by Julie Frayn, cover by Carolyn Frayn

Mazie Baby, novel by Julie Frayn, cover by Carolyn Frayn

Thank you for reading! And if you get a chance to vote, we both thank you tons!


Mets Monday Interview…

My friend, Lara Huffman, interviewed me for this weeks Mets Monday feature story on her blog, Get Up Swinging. Lara was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer in 2010. Her mother died of metastatic breast cancer when Lara was just seven years old. She is passionate about spreading the realities of metastatic breast cancer, I’m so proud to know her and to be included in her project.

Please visit Get Up Swinging to read the interview. I had a few things to say about living with mets and the pink ribbon culture.

If you live with metastatic breast cancer and wish to lend your voice to Lara’s Mets Monday project, please contact her at getupswinging at She would love to hear from you.

My sincere thanks to Lara for giving me this opportunity to be heard, and to everyone who shared our efforts throughout social media.

Carolyn Frayn, Mets Monday Interview


pink out, baby…

There is a movement afoot, it’s called Project Hashtag. Beth Fairchild wants the truth about metastatic breast cancer to go viral. I’m certainly in, how about you?

The Facebook Event:
STOMP OUT BC #Metsmonday #BCKills #dontignorestageiv

The When:
The first event is Monday, March 2nd, 2015 – all day and night

The Why:
Because breast cancer kills and the very sad fact is that most people are not aware how devastating the numbers are, how incomprehensible and blanketing the pink washing is, nor how sick and tired so many of us with this disease are of the pink bullshit.

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life in the slow lane…

Since I last published, the months have been quite an emotional mix, determination, illness, sadness, loss, the amazing news of a birth, complete joy. I will attempt to sum up the last six months succinctly. Well, that never works for me, but I’ll try.

Weed Garden 01 by Carolyn Frayn

From the Weed Garden series, by Carolyn Frayn

Turning off my computers wasn’t difficult, the difficulty came when I tried to turn them back on. I was determined to finish cleaning out my house and mind of all the “to-do’s” and work harder on my “don’t leave the family with my messes” list. So without any warning to my online friends I disappeared from social media and from email in August and set about clearing my lists, you might even say, my head.

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